It's Harder Than You Know

It's Harder Than You Know

Lyric & Song by Irvan

C             G/B                Am7
You was telling me to stop
Am7/G                 F                  Em    Am7     Dm7
our story that we had create all of our moment
       G               C        G/B                           Am7     Am7/G
the time was just silent when you took down my hand
                                 F            Em             Am7 Dm7
and my heart too hard to leave our memories
     G                                             F                           E
Tonight, I'm gonna tell you please listen my words

C                                BØ                   E7     Am7     
Baby please don't come back to me anymore
   Gm               C7      F          Em         Am7
I just wanna try to stand alone without you
           Dm7           G
your smile your lips
                         C             BØ             E7     Am7    
listen to me Baby and so please understand, 
        Gm       C7      F              Em         Am7       Dm7
Not loving you is hard, Its harder than you know
you know

Please don't ever call me
     BØ             E7               Am7     
altough my heart still missing you
       Gm             C7      F              
and so please understand
       Em      Am7    Dm7        G
not loving you is hard, its hard
its harder than you know 

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